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Growing up, I stayed faithful to a particular brand of milk and anything other than it was unacceptable. As I grew up, it occurred to me that the Milk had created and stamped itself in my mind. It didn’t necessarily need to be the best product of its category in the market but it surely had set itself as the bar upon which I graded other products of its kind.
This scenario has applied to people over the years and has formed the basics in all relationships, business or otherwise. It’s called “Branding” and in this case, more personalized and therefore “Personal Branding”
Personal Branding is defined as the practice of marketing oneself, giving yourself an edge over others which strategically place you technically above others who might seem to be competitors.
Personal branding as a concept suggests that you can achieve your goals through self-packaging.

Personal branding is essential in all aspects of life ranging from relationships to the business set up and the social circle. An effort into branding yourself can land you a better job, recognition, contracts and clients (the most enviable social circle to mention a few).
In personal branding, these steps are most important:

1. SELF DISCOVERY: - Personal branding cannot be achieved without the discovery of who you are, what you are and how best you can function.
Branding yourself is built on what’s inside, development of your innate abilities and capitalizing on your strengths while you work on your weakness.

2. BRAND CREATION: - Once you’ve discovered who you are, your domain, your niche, working around your strengths in other to promote them is the next step. Capitalizing on your talents and your strong points will better place you on a higher rung for development on the ladder of success. However, it is often common that one may get too engrossed in oneself; avoidance of this is the key, along with the elimination of self doubt, to self improvement.

3. SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF: - This doesn’t necessarily have to start on the high scale, grated, the high scale catapults you into the limelight faster but starting small is never a taboo. Usually, starting small gives you time for self improvement before the limelight steals the chance. It creates for you the brand and the experience giving you an edge over others in the industry of your choosing.

Last but not the least, a personal signature gives you the endearing touch as people relate more to the signature move, thereby registering your presence and stamping your brand in the hearts of the most important factor, the public. Remember, there’s a reason why wrestlers have their knock out move. Create your personal brand today!


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