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An undergraduate is a student at a university who has not yet received a degree.
An undergraduate who wish to succeed awesomely and excellently in his/her academic endeavour should follow these five (5) golden rules of success. These rules are not just rules but golden rules of success.

Below are the lists of the five (5) golden rules of success for undergraduates

1. STUDY WELL: - The Holy Bible in the book of 2nd Timothy 2 vs 15 (KJV)says “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”
As an undergraduate, your sole and primary business is to study really well. You have no other business on campus other than to study. So, study well, attend lectures and pay attention to your lecturers. Don’t skip classes. Do your assignments and your homework in time and don’t forget to study hard.

2. LEARN TO MANAGE YOURSELF AND TIME: - University is an awesome place of ultimate and maximum freedom. You live your life the way you choose to in a University; compared to secondary schools.
As an undergraduate, you are expected to learn how to manage yourself, this includes managing your time, health, finances, relationship, etc.

3. DON’T OVER-SOCIALIZE: - As an undergraduate, you are meant to socialize and get exposed to the corporate world, but, remember, you are expected to balance things up.
Some undergraduates belong to four (4), five (5) societies (evil societies) on campus. Some even go extra miles to join the notorious gangs and get involved in cultism cum other untoward activities.
As an undergraduate, you shouldn’t belong to the gangs of students who spend eight years trying to complete a course of study they should have finished within four (4) years. Make hay whilst the sun shines. Don’t over-socialize because it brings more harm than good.

4. BE GRATEFUL, COUNT YOURSELF PRIVILEGED: - Being an undergraduate is such an awesome opportunity. If you observe the total number of students who sat and wrote the Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination (JAMB) yearly and you compare the figure to the number of students who gain admission yearly; you will be grateful and you will count yourself privileged because it is not an easy task to be an undergraduate.
As an undergraduate, you should be grateful to God, your parents and your lecturers for the golden opportunity being given to you.
Your parents have made tremendous sacrifices to send you to school. If your parents can deny themselves of luxurious things so that your tomorrow can be worthwhile, you must also make them proud by studying hard.
Gratitude must also go to your creator for the gift of life and all the avenues he has given to you to live a purposeful life; opportunity to live and study in a pleasant surrounding; a chance to acquire new skills and knowledge.
Your lecturers also deserve gratitude and respect for passing on knowledge to you.

5. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE: - I don’t care whether you are a Christian or a Muslim. I admonish you to fear God and worship Him because; He is the creator of the universe. Learn to spend quality time with God in prayer. Ask him for wisdom and guidance in all things and ask for the grace to utilize all the talents He has given you.

These five (5) golden rules of success are by no means exhaustive and I am sure, if you apply those five (5) golden rules listed out, you will come out successfully at the end of your four (4), five (5), seven (7) years course.


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